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About us

Who We Are

We are a consulting company that offers expertise in certain technological fields. We have a team of industry-specific experts that will help you achieve your goals.

AlphaTeck will help you strategically implement our recommendation, either with the consultans themselves or by providing technicians or experts, which will open up new markets for your company.

What We Do

Winning with talent. How will AlphaTeck help you lead and organization that truly unleashes its human capital?

  • Analyze your customer needs.
  • Individually evaluate the solutions.
  • Build skilled teams for the project.
  • Engineering, Design and Simulate the proposals.
  • Manufacturing and delivery.
  • Training and support.

Our Services

Industrial Automation

AlphaTeck has a combined experience of 20+ years in the field of Industrial Automation. AlphaTeck can help you automate any manufacturing or industrial process.

Robotic Automation

AlphaTeck can provide both the know-how regarding automating your processes with industrial robots but also the software engineering skills to help you achieve your goal.

Mechatronics Solutions

AlphaTeck can provide you expertise in mechanical, electrical and software engineering. A complete system engineering aproach.

Development & Production

Milling. Sealing. Drilling. Assembly. Tooling. Machining. NDI/NDT QS. FSW.


AlphaTeck can prepare the process automation in a pre-designed view to evaluate the solution before implementation. This will minimize investment & engineering costs.


AlphaTeck is involved at all project phases. We can help you with your product from the design phase until the bring-to-market phase.

Strategic Partnerships

AlphaTeck has connections with Companies, Groups, SMCs and Universities from EU, Asia and North America.

Qualified Consulting

Analizying the need for automation and providing optimal solutions. From design to simulation, everything is done according to the clients needs.

Our Portfolio

Solution for Aerospace, Automotive, General Manufacturing Industry and all other branches based on light automation with robots and hybrid robots.

Meet the team

Our associates are profesionally trained, with a 30+ year experience in the fields of your need.


Otto Kellenberger

Founder / CEO

30 years experience in Engineering, 16 years experience in Robotic and Aerospace Automation as Market Segment Manager.


Mesaros Andrei Paul

Regional Director
AlphaTeck Romania

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Str. Pandurilor Nr.4,
400376 Cluj-Napoca

+40 773 843 340

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